Friday, September 26, 2014

The Worst Things

What I began writing:  As Cathy pointed out in a comment on my previous post, my RSS feed is not updating.  I have looked into it for the past hour, and I can't figure it out.  I have tried "pinging" the blog to force an update, but that didn't work.  I tried the "nuclear option" (so-called by FeedBurner) of resyncing the entire feed, but that also didn't work.  I've tried tinkering with about a hundred different settings on both Blogger and Feedburner, but none of that worked.  It still only updates through September 16.

And then it magically worked.  Whatever I did, I definitely had done it already to no avail.  So repeating the same action and expecting different results really is the breed of insanity you need to deal with technology.

Liz, whose apartment I stayed at for one night in San Francisco, found out only today that there have been bedbugs in her apartment for weeks, because her roommate is a fucking idiot.  In New York, whispers of bedbugs and tales of fishing your clothes out of trash bags while throwing away all of your furniture evoke the same kind of terror as rumors of the return of He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named.  This is the kind of terror that makes you wary of even approaching someone who says "bedbugs," for fear that the word itself, escaping their lips and floating right there in the air between you, will breathe life in and pop into a bedbug, and then the scourge will overtake you for merely sharing that space.

So when Liz said that her roommate saw bedbugs weeks ago and decided not to tell anyone about it and just "deal with it" on his own, I joined her in absolute fury at this ridiculously irresponsible decision.  She only found out today because he nonchalantly brought it up in conversation like it was no big deal.  Like it doesn't affect all of your worldly possessions, including your residence itself, and it isn't a huge weeks-long hassle to deal with plus the aftermath of replacing all the shit you had to throw out.  People get sued for substantial economic loss over this shit.  There is a reason that in some places, you are legally obligated to disclose not only a current bedbug infestation, but the bedbug infestation history of the unit and neighboring units, to potential renters.  It is a big fucking deal.  It boggles my mind that he had known for weeks and told no one.  Do you know how many eggs a single female bedbug can lay in that time span?  (I advise you not to look that up, actually.)

Hypothetically, if the bedbugs spread to Liz's room at the time I stayed with her and I had gotten them, then I could have spread them to multiple hotels and rental cars, Yosemite National Park, all up the Pacific coast, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and New York, not to mention to fellow travellers, who are all headed who knows where.  Think of the potential carnage!  All because of one idiot.  Luckily, I don't think that's the case, since it's been almost four weeks since then, I happened to do laundry while I was at Liz's (which kills them), and I haven't had any bites or seen any bugs in my stuff.  I am also truly lucky because I get to leave with all my possibly-exposed belongings.  Liz, I feel for you.  I really do.

Terrorists, if you want me to live in constant fear, you should stop beheading people and start looking into bedbugs.  Also, don't read this blog; I do not write for you.  Also, stop being terrorists.  If I'm not mistaken, under the Rightly Guided Caliphs, individuals of other religions and cultures were tolerated, not murdered, which allowed the caliphate (and Islam) to expand globally.  I don't know what makes you think you can run a caliphate better than those guys, but surely you ought to be smote for your hubris.  But I digress.

Josh's friend is also a fucking idiot.  He evidently had bedbugs, and then put his furniture out on the street in seemingly good condition.  Josh suggested that he should at least mark that it was infested or something, and his friend said something like, "Nah, it's free."  What the actual fuck.  This is coming from someone who is dumping this couch because of the very horror he now potentially inflicts on another.  It is not a privilege to get a bedbug infestation, even if it is free.  (Is there any other kind?)  YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.  These people are also why I have not picked up street furniture or shopped at a thrift store in New York in the past four years.

I propose that in sex ed, high school students be taught that they are morally obligated to inform others of a known risk of exposure to bedbugs and STDs, and to confirm the presence of either upon suspicion.  It's an important issue, folks.  Don't be a fucking idiot.

I am now in Pittsburgh, which I visit a lot, and yet every time, I always forget about this... sculpture.

The title is "Walking to the Sky."  I'm not even kidding.  It may not be clear in the photo, but there are also fake people at ground level looking up toward the fake people walking to the sky.

There are so many other things that the artist could have done other than portray it literally.  Even just a plain, vertical spire would have been better.

Reading activity:  See how many "worst things" you can find in this entry.  I will post about my last day in Chicago and other Pittsburgh things separately, since they are not some of the worst things (and also to test the feed).

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If only your name were Victor I could make a horrible joke. But then that would change you utterly. I like you the way you are, sans Cimex lectularius.