Saturday, October 27, 2007

Disneyland pictures!

Ok, sorry again for recent deliquency, but now all my exams are really over, so I promise I will return to more regular blogging beginning right now. We will start with my Disneyland pictures that I couldn't previously upload.

It all started at the train station. This is a shot from the platform of the train going towards Disneyland. Every single ad is a Disneyland ad.
This is the entrance.

Candide is chilling out on Mickey's lawn.

There was a Halloween motif going on. This pumpkin man is apparently painting this woman's ass. And I thought this was a child-friendly theme park.

Since there are always themed parades at Disneyland, I snapped a shot of this witch carriage before I went on Space Mountain. (Twice!)

At the end of "It's a Small World" in Disneyland Paris, they have a mini-world you can walk through, which I don't think is in Orlando or L.A. The whole thing is one big ad for France Telecom, because in each little window of the mini-buildings/mini-monuments is a little cartoon using an FT phone.

Look at the castle! And Candide is sitting on a trash can.

Candide is also an equestrian in his spare time.

Spinning teacups!

We ate ice cream here. For some reason, it makes me think of San Francisco, even though I've never been there.

This guy was in the fancy Disney store (things made of crystal, etc.). That's a pretty cool job.

Look at all the Christmas ornaments! It was mid-October! For anyone who doesn't know, I am obsessed with Christmas, and my dorm rooms in the past have been decorated for Christmas year-round. (I'm one of those.) So this was incredible.

Monday, October 22, 2007


Madrid is now my favorite city. I want to live there for at least two years at some point in my life. I would also consider Rick Steves a very good friend now, though he doesn't know me at all. I visited or did the following:

Puerta del Sol
Plaza Mayor
Palacio Real
Retiro Park
Museo Prado
Museo Sofia Reina
Bullfight (torero)
El Rastro (Europe's largest flea market)

I bought:

Lots of food (chocolate things, mushrooms stuffed with some kind of ham, flan, etc.)
A shot glass (I have a collection of them from different cities I've been to)
Castañetas (the flamenco clicky things)
A chartreuse flamenco-style apron (so kitschy it's amazing)
A scarf (whose label indicates it was imported by Karim and made in China)

It was so great! I stayed with my friend David, whose roommates, Pepe and Pino reminded me strongly of the dynamic between the two guys in Y Tu Mamá Tambien, but without the latent homosexuality... or sex with moms... although maybe there's not much left there. But anyway, they were just very relaxed and easygoing, and I kind of miss that dynamic with my friends back home, so it was good. Also, Pepe is an extraordinary cook who also plays/sings flamenco music, and Pino called me "Angels" the whole time, and it was all just very endearing.

Plus, Madrid is really warm still, this time of year. I packed T-shirts, and I'm very glad I did. Actually, I have a somewhat conspicuous watch tan that definitely was not there when I left.

Of course, Paris is freezing, and the rapid change from hot to cold means I had a disgusting bloody nose today. I'm serious. I don't have slightly drippy bloody noses; it looks like God has unleashed his wrath in the form of a river of blood coming out of my face. I really don't think special effects can produce what I've got going naturally. Luckily I was in the shower anyway, so there was no moment of, "Well... how am I going to get that out of the carpet?"

Again, I cannot post pictures at the moment, but I most definitely will later on.